AusWide Tree Services and its Management team are committed to providing customer satisfaction by implementing and maintaining an Integrated Management Plan (IMP). This IMP represents a detailed outline of the PTS management system and explains “how we do things” to achieve these outcomes.

Our strategically developed documents, processes and procedures provide the mechanisms to achieve quality, safety and sound environmental practices in our services and personnel, whilst our commitment to continually improve these mechanisms, is how we can strive to achieve operational excellence and ultimate customer satisfaction. PTS is committed to:

  • Establishing a standardised system of managing our IMP across all of the business.

  • Allocate and communicate responsibility and accountability to all levels of employees.

  • Establish a system of managing our IMP that can be monitored and continuously improved.

  • Maintain compliance to all three (3) standards.

QA102 Quality Policy PTS 2016

QA103 Safety Policy PTS 2016

QA104 Environmental Policy PTS 2016

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