Taking Out A Tree? We Can Turn It To Mulch For You On Site

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AusWide Tree Services provides tree mulching services either to accompany our tree removal or tree trimming services, or as a separate service that will help you dispose of dead wood from your property. After our contractors have removed or trimmed a tree, we will mulch all the cut branches or trunk discs, completely clearing the area and providing you with useful tree mulch. For those of you who want to cut your own trees or brush but don’t have the resources or time to dispose of the brush, we offer an hourly brush chipping service.

Our brush chipper/chip truck combination ensures that any brush or tree limbs you need to dispose of, will be promptly collected and removed.

Wood Mulch - Result Of Tree Mulching

Why tree mulching can be so beneficial to you? Not only it gets rid of the unsightly piles of wood left after a previous tree removal or trimming but it also produces wood mulch that can be really useful in a garden. Wood mulch is an organic mulch that can be used to improve the health and looks of your garden or to make it more accessible. The mulch is spread around a tree or plants to help their growth, by acting as a protective layer against potentially harming factors. One factor can be weather related. The mulch protects the plants from heavy winds and their damaging effects, and also from drastic changes in temperatures, especially in winter and summer. Furthermore it helps plants retain more moist and consequently preventing the loss of much needed water. Other damaging factors can be insects or weed, and a layer of mulch will protect the plants by suppressing the growth of weed and also making it difficult for insects to reach the roots of the plant. Also, mulches avert soil erosions and some even improve over time, the composition of the soil. Mulches don’t only help your trees and plants grow and rigorous healthy but also give a neat appearance to your garden. Moreover, it helps create pathways through the garden, especially useful in places with a wet soil.
These many beneficial uses start with a mulching process.

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