Tree Reports

When it comes to tree consulting or tree reports our staff are trained to Diploma or Level 5 in Horticulture (Arboriculture) ensuring you receive the best possible advice on your trees. Most councils also require this level of qualification for any reports or DA documents which are submitted in relation to trees. If you are a home owner or a developer our tree consulting service have you covered. From a simple on-site verbal consultation to a complex tree report for development project our staff are here to help you. Our work is diverse and includes high profile sites involving government bodies and major construction firms and schools.

The tree reports we provide include:

  • Arborist Reports

  • Tree Hazard Assessment Reports

  • Impact Assessments

  • Tree Surveys

  • Method Statements

  • Tree Protection Plans

  • Supervising Arborist

  • Arborist Certificates

Why are Tree Reports Necessary and Important?

Tree reports may be requested by council to remove a tree. They are also typically required on development projects where trees are present. Well structured and accurate tree reports will significantly reduce the chances of the project being caught up in council red tape. If you require sound advice on your trees or need assistance with any tree reports contact our office and they will arrange an appointment with our consulting Arborist.

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