Warringah Council

Warringah Council

AusWide Tree Services provide amongst other services, stump grinding, tree removal, and dead tree stump pruning and tree maintenance pruning (sometimes referred to as tree lopping), as well as consultancy by qualified arborists within the Warringah Council area.

Warringah Council covers the following suburbs:

Warringah Councils Tree Preservation Order allows for the following work to be carried out without consent or permission:

  1. Any tree which is dead.
  2. The tree is declared by a qualified arborist to be an imminent danger to property or life.
  3. Any tree with a height less than five metres and with a foliage crown spread of less than ten metres.
  4. Pruning of tree branches and foliage which cause the reduction of no more than 10% of the air space occupied by the branches and foliage.
  5. Any tree identified for removal in a development consent, but only if removal occurs after the construction certificate has been issued in relation to that land use.

The Tree Preservation Order exemption list does not apply to the following:

  1. Trees within a State Forest
  2. Trees in a National park
  3. Plants declared to be noxious weeds (see TPO for full details)
  4. Any trees which are part of councils hazard reduction program or required to be removed by the Rural Fire Brigade or to be removed under the Rural Fires Act 1997.
  5. Any tree requiring immediate removal essential for emergency access.
  6. Trees authroised to be removed, trimmed or pruned in accordance with the Environmental planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Pruning of trees within Warringah Council is allowed where deadwood is being removed from the tree or any species of parasite mistletoe or parasitic plant from any part of a tree is removed.

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