Safety rules are our best tools.

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Auswide Tree Services is dedicated to safety first and foremost. According to a Safe Work Australia Tree Work Guide, tree work, given its risky nature, should only be done by workers who are properly trained and experienced.

We make sure that our workers are well informed, trained and experienced in the dangers of tree work. We provide site-specific training on the equipment and procedures to be used. We are efficient in risk assessment and also maintain and oversee the proper usage of safety equipment. It is made sure that in the case of a crisis, safety systems are in place, including an emergency plan and rescue protocols. Safety is always our number one priority.

Why Us?

At Auswide Tree Services our consulting staff have got some of the highest qualifications as well as extensive industry experience. Some of our arborists have worked in other countries and have added experience in exotic and trees from other climates. All this combined ensures that you receive the best possible advice and solution to your situation. If your tree or plants are not looking their best and you have concerns contact us and let us help you get them back to health. You can also get in touch with our professional service providers for tree removal and other services.

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