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Often tree stump removal may also be referred to as stump grinding. It is a process by which a machine known as stump grinder grinds the stump and major roots into wood shavings. These machines are used to cut through the stump and soil ensuring that the stump is removed well below ground level.

Why Would you Carry out Stump Grinding?

Some of the reasons that you may want to have your stump removed may include the following;

Why Us?

Stumps come in all sizes and located in various areas and therefore we have a range of machines to suit this. We have smaller machines for difficult to get to areas and smaller stumps, larger machines for good access and larger stumps. Services such as phone, water and gas may be under the stump and you want to ensure these don’t get damaged during stump grinding. We use the services of a pipe location company if in doubt to ensure we know exactly where the services are and avoid them. As with all of our work we respect your property and will tidy up on completion and leave everything neat and tidy. Contact us to get unwanted stumps removed.

Our tree removers use the best techniques and equipment to remove old tree stumps & roots.

Our services won’t give you a chance to complain.


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