Tree Removal

We use the latest climbing techniques & equipment to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standard & adheres to all regulations.
This guarantees that you receive the best possible service.

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Prior to removing trees you want to make sure that you check the regulations within your council before proceeding as there can be substantial fines for removing trees without getting consent from your council. We are very familiar with council requirements and are able to advise you what tree work is permissible in your council and what work may require council permission.

When is Tree Removal necessary?

Tree removal might be required for a range of reasons. This can be the case when;

  • The tree has died

  • The tree is too big

  • The tree is infested with disease and/or pests

  • The tree is dangerous

  • The tree is defective

  • The tree needs to be removed to create space for new plantings

  • The tree is causing damages to driveways and buildings

  • The tree has to be removed for development or construction


Why seek expert Sydney Tree Removal Services?

It can be tempting to go it yourself but without the necessary tools and safety equipment you can be putting yourself and your property at risk. Tree removal is a dangerous occupation and should only be undertaken by trained professionals. Here at Priority Tree Services we have over 20 years experience and have all the necessary equipment to handle any tree removal project. We personally meet you to discuss your tree removal project and address your requirements and any questions you may have. We explain how we will carry out the work and provide you with a fixed price written quote together with our insurance certificates. When we carry out the work it will done as we had discussed at our original meeting. We do not take shortcuts with any of work or make any compromises in regards to safety related matters. This is how we can ensure that you not only receive a quality tree removal service, but also your complete satisfaction with the outcome. See our testimonials page to see what other clients experience has been.

Other services offered by Priority Tree Services

As well as tree removal most companies will also offer services such as tree trimming, tree lopping and stump grinding. Any tree pruning or tree removal work needs to be carried in accordance with AS4373-2007. This standard spells out what are acceptable pruning methods to ensure that your trees are pruned correctly. Reputable tree service companies will adhere to these standards.


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